Saturday, June 5, 2010

my 5 current random thoughts

(PLEASE NOTE: images in this post are not mine. found them via google searches.)

1) i think i've teared at every wedding i've photographed thus far-- and usually its during the vow exchanges

2) never been on a blind date. a tad curious to do so.

3) i've always wanted to go to some random person's funeral, even considered scheduling 1 random funeral attendance a month. why? because it's things like death and loss and scares (tumors revealed to be benign) that give us that little wake up call in life, opening our eyes/ hearts, and put the things in life into perspective

4) not really tempted by netflix, and pretty sure I will never order it. movies are great, temporarily entertaining, and unless they come with other benefits (hanging out with others, provoking good conversations and inspiring inner creativity), i think movies are a waste of time in life., like video and computer games. why?

no one sits on their death bed and wishes they could watch that movie again, or play those games or get those high scores. most everyone wishes to spend more time with their friends, family, loved ones, experience those little moments that get your insides excited and joyful. C'mon people, isn't life suppose to be an adventure?

5) i love photography. not because the pay or the "coolness" factor that comes with carrying a neat job title, but because it's how i see the world. i see the world in moments, in silent and still frames. images that weave and connect together to bring about a story full of words, emotions, thoughts, all while tapping into the empathy of the viewer. thats why i like the title on my business card, "visual storyteller". thats how i identify and strive to be as an artist.

Friday, June 4, 2010