Saturday, May 9, 2009

A little bit of sunshine...

It is quite obvious that these two photos do not really correlate in style or texture or perspective, but sometimes that's how art is. It's a personal perspective of what the artist sees through their own camera.

The first photo took place as the sun was setting in the evening, and the light was getting softer. I loved how the light casted a long shadow from the illuminated chairs. Most of the photo is dark, yet the 'subjects'-- the chairs and the shadows-- encourages the viewer to follow the path of a diagonal trajectory of viewing.

The second photo took place during the sunset. The clouds above were very dramatic, puffy, scattered yet clumped. It was quite the sight. Clouds are a major reason why I enjoy the seasons of spring/summer so much, because the clouds are ever changing and constantly entertaining our eyes in their various forms. Rita was dilly-dallying (obviously), and swinging her keys in a moment of rest. I purposely rotated my SB-800 towards her directly to create a harsh fill-flash on her (my main subject), while previously metering off the clouds and recomposing to fit her in the middle. I was not going for a perfect, clean photo in which she would be gently lit with the flash. I wanted the harsh flash + the consuming clouds to create a dramatic image of waiting, anticipation, and rest.

thanks for reading this blurb!


William said...

Hey Jon!, great photos, working your way to becoming a professional!

Jen said...

the sky looks reallllllly cool in the second one.