Thursday, January 6, 2011

random photos from 2010 that i never got around to post...

homemade curry puff pastries by mama tan. the first shot is actually of a "failed" pastery, aka one that my mom wouldn't give to friends, but keep instead for home. because it wasn't sealed thoroughly, the curry ground beef & onions peeked out just a tad (and instead left at home for us sons). we're not complaining.

on may way to bed, i saw a pot soaking in our sink. the soap suds were just dancing on the top layer of the water, every so slightly. i spotted the water droplets leaking from our faucet, and i quickly grabbed my camera. had to get in a few snapshots before i tucked myself into bed.

towards the end of 2010, my brother had carved a watermelon for youth group. pretty neat, all hand carved.


Cryingbear said...

Nice pictures! I've found you thanks to Couchsurfers Photograph.
I'll follow your work ;)

thousandth said...

The home stuff is nice.

Does the watermelon decompose, I wonder?