Tuesday, May 18, 2010

itching to get outta here

and travel somewhere.

people always ask why i'm so uppity about wanting to travel, so here's some quick thoughts

1) it's freedom. to me, i love the idea of wandering streets i don't know, hearing tongues i can't understand, and trying foods i have no idea how to pronounce (except anything from the sea is always pronounced "yuck"). i like being crammed on a train to somewhere, and airplane landings are something i get really excited by.

2) it's educating. seeing other cultures + other worlds allows me to broaden my knowledge. the smells, visual sensations and of course, new linguistic exposure. i wanna travel to big cities + small villages, and take it all in. it's so captivating to me-- after all, if we're not learning, we're not living.

3) it's humbling. going places and seeing what other people have/have not makes you really appreciate what blessings we have at home. ever carry your toilet paper in your daypack? i did. ever scared to go into an african mud-brick, nearly-pitch black outhouse with the fear of real snakes and malaria? done that too. i never pooped and wiped so fast in my life before. it makes you appreciate clean dishes, waking up to breakfast already made, and most definitely not having to do your laundry on washboards, outside in the backyard, when chickens are trying to peck your toes.

if anything, travel for me helps me to refocus my mind on.... to be continued. bed time.

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